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Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plans 2021

Humana PPO 2021 allows you a range of choice of network providers including healthcare facilities, doctors, and other medical professionals. Humana’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan is only one of many Medicare Advantages that the insurance provider offers to current or prospective policyholders. One advantage of PPO is that you have a vast network of medical facilities, professionals, and health care providers at your service, without restriction to your locality.

Likewise, when you enroll for a Humana’s Medicare Advantage plan in 2021, there are additional services you get that make you lie even healthier. These benefits include access to the library of health and wellness resources. You can also see just how well you are doing with the online portal.  All of these benefits, you won’t get from Original Medicare or most other healthcare providers.

PPO plans 2021 retains all of its benefits, including:

  • Access to healthcare without a Primary Care Provider
  • Personal choice of healthcare providers and facility

If you have a PPO plan in 2021, you neither need a PCP nor do you need a referral to see a specialist outside the network. Although considering the vastness of Humana’s network of professionals, you’ll rarely need to go outside the network. And using a Humana network provider generally costs less out-of-pocket.


People often find themselves having to choose between the two major Medicare Advantage Plans HMO and PPO. Short for Health Maintenance Organization, HMO plans require that you use provider service within the insurance provider’s network.

You also have to choose a Primary Healthcare Physician that works closely with you to achieve your health goals. The PCP also refers you to a specialist when there is a need. Because of the stricter requirements, HMOs usually have lower premiums than PPOs.

It is important to consider more than just the premiums when getting a MA plan. Other factors to consider include your budget, the coinsurance costs, deductibles, and copayments. You should also consider your healthcare needs as well as your lifestyle. One MA plan may suit your lifestyle better than the other. For example, a PPO plan may be better if you travel frequently.

With a Humana Medicare Advantage Plan, there is a given limit on your annual out-of-pocket cost, regardless of the plan you choose.

Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plans 2021

Humana PPO Cost and Coverage

With a Humana PPO 2021 plan, you get all the benefits of Original Medicare. Other benefits include:

  • Affordable deductibles and premiums
  • Prescription drugs (in most PPO policies)
  • Healthcare coverage without restriction to the Humana network
  • Home healthcare with network professionals
  • Fitness programs and gym memberships
  • Annual preventative health screenings and tests
  • Travel emergency coverage anywhere in the world

The PPO prescription drug coverage is about the same coverage that a Medicare Part D plan offers. Coverages such as drug, visual, dental, and hearing aid coverage are added to the plan for an additional premium.

With Humana PPO plan 2021 having affordable copayments and limiting out-of-pocket costs, you can live a full and healthy life without worrying about the cost. The copayments are usually fixed and predictable. There are no hidden charges and you’ll know how much each visit costs.

If you live in a remote area with limited access or you don’t want to change your current non-network healthcare provider, a Humana PPO plan may be the best for you. If your current provider is a Humana network provider or you’re willing to use an in-network provider, you can save even more and pay little for the full healthcare benefits you get.

Additional Benefits of Humana PPO 2021

With your Humana PPO plan, you’ll get useful benefits. The HumanaChoice PPO offers hearing coverage. The coverage includes hearing aids and regular testing.

The Humana PPO dental insurance plan and Preventive Plus are equally available. Preventive Plus offers preventive dental services and other benefits for your family. Preventive Plus can be accessed in more than 70,000 dentist facilities across the country. The deductibles are low and the coverage includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Emergency care and fillings
  • Oral exams and tests
  • X-rays and other preventive care.

With Humana’s PPO Medicare Advantage plan 2021, you’ll get the following added benefits not available in Original Medicare:

  • Gym Membership: you’ll have access to fitness and gym membership through SilverSneakers Fitness. This gives you limitless access to over 16,000 fitness facilities across the country. You can also get at-home fitness kits if you prefer to work out in your home.
  • Well Dine Meal Program: you’ll get meals from Humana’s meal program after an inpatient hospital admission. This ensures you eat healthily and recover fully after a hospital stay.
  • Go365 Program: Humana lets you participate in several health and wellness activities. For completing these activities, you get a reward. The Go365 Program rewards you with tools and resources to promote stress-free and healthy living.
  • Nurse Hotline: A nurse hotline is available at any time of the day. You can always call for support or inquiries.

How to Enroll

Once you have enrolled for Original Medicare, you can start your PPO enrollment. To get started, you can give us a call or fill out the enrollment form. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you navigate your best options.

There are 3 Medicare Advantage enrollment windows. They include:

  • Initial Enrollment Period: This is a 7-month enrollment period that opens three months before your 65th birthday and ends three months after. Since it’s a long open window, you have the time to consider all your options.
  • Annual Enrollment Period: This window opens every October 15 and ends December 7.
  • Open Enrollment Period (OEP): This window opens every January 1 and closes March 3.

There is a Special Enrollment Period which you may qualify for if you move or your current plan expires. There is no exact enrollment period or date. However, there has to be a particular situation to qualify. During enrollment periods, you may change your current plan or switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare plan.

Compare Plan Options

If you need help choosing a Medicare plan or need specific information about the available plans, you can talk with any of our qualified agents. The important questions to ask when choosing a plan include:

  • How much will it cost after premium and out-of-pocket expenses?
  • Can I continue seeing my current doctor?
  • What additional services are available?
  • What services can I get in my area?

To get a free plan comparison, contact us at 844-943-1137. We’ll give you the best advice on available plans that fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.