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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans 2020

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana has nearly 60 years of experience in providing managed healthcare services. Established as Extendicare Inc. in 1961, it became the largest nursing home company in the US just seven years later. Renamed Humana Inc. in 1974, the company began selling attractively priced healthcare plans during the mid-1980s. 

Ranked 56 on the Fortune 500 list for 2019, Humana has earned revenues upward of $56.912 billion. It also ranks as one of the largest publicly traded managed healthcare companies in the world. It has received stellar ratings from some of the leading insurer rating agencies such as: 

  • BBB+ by Standard & Poor’s
  • Baa3 by Moody’s Investors Service
  • BBB by Fitch Ratings and,
  • bbb- by AM Best Company 

With approximately 16.6 million customers as of 2018, Humana has received many distinguished recognitions and awards as well.

What Advantage Plans Are Offered in 2020?

Humana currently offers the following Medicare Advantage Plans: 

  • Humana Gold Plus Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): With an average monthly premium of $0, this plan can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses significantly. Many people find this plan worthwhile because the Maximum Out-of-Pocket limit for in-network doctors remains capped at $5,900 – this can vary based on your location.
  • Humana Gold Choice Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS): With an average monthly premium of $97 and an in-network Maximum Out-of-Pocket limit of $0, this plan offers a lot of flexibility. It enables you to visit any Medicare-approved doctor, hospital or healthcare provider that accepts both Medicare and your plan’s payment without requiring referrals.
  • Humana Choice Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): Buying this plan enables you to see any in-network doctor or specialist you want to, without needing a referral first. However, PPO plans can be slightly pricier than their HMO counterparts. People usually buy this plan because it offers various free annual preventive screenings and other benefits, which make it cost-effective.
  • Humana Special Needs Plan (SNP): This plan can be ideal for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, end-stage renal diseases etc. SNP plans usually offer medical, dental, vision and hearing coverage. They also provide benefits like non-emergency medical transportation, fitness program memberships etc. 

Humana Medicare Advantage PPO Plans for 2020

If you’re willing to spend a little more on your Medicare Advantage cover, you should explore Humana’s Medicare Advantage PPO plans. In addition to providing all the benefits that Original Medicare offers, Humana’s PPO plans also come with: 

  • Affordable monthly plan premiums
  • In-network home healthcare services
  • Coverage for a wide selection of annual preventive screenings with no additional charges
  • Access to optional fitness programs and prescription drug, vision & dental cover (for additional premiums) and,
  • Prescription drug coverage that will be equal to or better than the standard requirement for a Medicare Part D plan 

With a Humana PPO plan, you won’t need a referral for visiting any in-network doctor, specialist or hospital. This flexibility will be well worth the relatively higher price of these plans. 

Humana Medicare Advantage HMO Plans for 2020 

Humana’s HMO plans typically feature a regional network of doctors, specialists and hospitals contracted to charge predetermined rates and copayments for care. With an HMO plan, you’ll need to select a primary care doctor to obtain referrals in case you need to consult specialists. An HMO plan makes it required for you to remain within Humana’s HMO network. Otherwise, you will end up paying full price for the services offered.

Over and above the coverage that Original Medicare offers, Humana’s HMO plans also provide: 

  • Affordable monthly plan premiums – $0 premiums on some plans in some areas
  • Hospitalization coverage
  • Emergency coverage anywhere in the world
  • Membership in the SilverSneakers fitness program (on most HMO plans) and,
  • Prescription drug coverage that will be equal to or better than the standard requirement for a Medicare Part D plan 

These HMO plans can be ideal when you visit in-network providers because of their minimal copays and deductibles. 

Plan Costs and Premiums 

During the Medicare enrollment period, people usually buy Medicare Advantage plans because these plans: 

  • Offer coverage for hearing, vision and/or dental issues unlike the Original Medicare plans
  • Usually include prescription drug coverage, which you’ll need to enroll and pay for separately when you opt for the Original Medicare plan
  • Can be more affordable than Original Medicare as a Medicare Advantage plan will only charge you a specific copayment amount per doctor visit or service, while you will need to pay 20 percent of the cost with Original Medicare and,
  • Provide coverage even outside the US 

Many of Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans come with a monthly premium of $0. The federal government pays Humana a flat fee for providing Medicare benefits to people. As a result, Humana can offer additional benefits, whilst keeping the costs of healthcare services affordable. This means that you can get coverage over and above what Original Medicare plans offer, without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Humana Medicare Advantage Dental Plans

Humana offers a diverse selection of dental care tailored to suit individuals, groups and employers alike. Humana’s range of dental care plans includes: 

  • Humana Complete Dental Plan: This PPO plan offers complete coverage for preventive services with no waiting periods for these services. In addition, it covers 80 percent and 50 percent of basic and major services respectively with in-network providers (after deductibles).
  • Humana Dental Loyalty Plus Plan: This PPO plan rewards your loyalty by increasing your benefits over a three-year span. So, in the first year, you have a maximum limit of $1,000 per individual, which rises to $1,500 per individual in the third year.
  • Humana Dental Value Plan: This DHMO plan comes with no deductibles and waiting periods. It covers preventive services entirely. And, it comes with no maximum benefit limit as well. The predetermined fee schedule in this plan enables you to have an upfront awareness of the cost of all basic and major services.
  • Humana Dental Preventive Plus Plan: This plan provides 100 percent coverage for preventive services with in-network providers. It has no waiting periods and copays. In addition, this plan comes with low annual deductibles and discounts on many major services.
  • Humana Dental Savings Plus Plan: This plan operates more as a dental discount program than a dental insurance plan. It places no limits on the number of services you use each year. It also has no deductibles and copays. So, while you’ll need to pay for any dental care you receive, as a member, you’ll receive discounted rates. 

Compare Plan Options

Finding the right Medicare Advantage plan that works for you will not always be easy. With the wide range of Medicare Advantage plans that Humana offers, sifting through these can be time-consuming. So, if you want to compare Humana’s Medicare Advantage plans, contact us at XYZ-QWE-RTYU. We’ll be happy to help you make the right choice.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

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