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Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Humana Medicare Plans

Are you looking for more from your Medicare coverage? With a Humana Medicare Advantage plan, you can get a health insurance plan tailored to your specific needs. We’ve been developing our Medicare Advantage plan for over 30 years to best serve our members.

Humana’s model is one of value-based care. That means many health professionals in our network focus on personalized, quality care.  For you, this can mean:

  • More in-person meetings with your doctor
  • Various health services including fitness, screenings, and community events
  • Proactive, not reactive, care

We also offer personalized prescription programs to make sure you get the most appropriate and most affordable medication. Our Rx plans come with tools and resources to help you take control of your care and your savings.

Choosing a Medicare plan can be stressful, and we want to make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the options available to you. Humana has been a trusted partner for over 8.4 million members. In 2019, Newsweek ranked us #1 in member satisfaction.

Humana Medicare PPO Plans

seniors rejoicing about Humana Medicare Advantage plans.

Do you prefer to choose your healthcare providers? You can do just that with a Preferred Provider Organization plan.

Humana PPO has a network of hospitals, doctors, and specialists that you can choose. You can also go to providers outside of the Humana network without needing a referral. However, using the in-network providers will help keep your costs down.

Humana PPO also offers:

  • Coverage for emergency care worldwide
  • Prescription drug coverage that surpasses or is equal to a Medicare Part D plan (in certain plans)
  • Free annual preventive screenings
  • Monthly plan premiums that are affordable

There are a few types of PPO plans from which you can choose. In addition to Original Medicare coverage, many Humana plans have added benefits such as a vision discount, prescription drugs discount, alternative medicine, a life enrichment program, and more. Check the details of Humana’s PPO plans today to find the right one for your needs.

Humana HMO Plans

With a Humana Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, you can get affordable copayments for unlimited visits to the doctor. We offer HMO plans that give you all of the benefits of Original Medicare, plus many extras.

You get to choose a primary care physician in our network to coordinate your care with you. Our members love these plans for their low premiums and minimal out-of-pocket expenses. You can also change physicians at any time so you don’t have to feel locked in.

In most circumstances, you will need to get a referral from your primary care physician to see other providers or specialists. Check the details of your plan to know when you would be able to bypass this referral process.

There are several benefits included in Humana HMO plans:

  • Hospitalization coverage
  • Free annual preventive screenings
  • Emergency coverage worldwide (perfect for travelers)
  • Some plans have $0 premiums
  • Prescription drug coverage that surpasses or is equal to a Medicare Part D plan (in some plans)
  • Membership in our SilverSneakers program

Also, be sure to check out the Gold Plus HMO plan offered by Humana. 

Why Choose an Advantage Plan with Humana?

Here are three benefits to choosing Humana:

1. Benefits of Original Medicare plus more

Our Medicare Advantage plans include all the Original Medicare benefits, as is required by law. However, Original Medicare Parts A and B don’t cover dental, vision care, hearing care, or prescription drugs. With many of our plans, you can get coverage for these essential services.

2. One plan, one premium

To get hospital, medical, and prescription drug coverage with Original Medicare, you would need to buy two separate plans. Most of our Medicare Advantage plans cover prescriptions, so you don’t have to pay a second premium to get the medicine you need.

3. Annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses

With Humana, you’ll have a limit on how much you can spend out-of-pocket every year. The amount varies depending on your plan. After you reach your upper limit, you won’t have to pay anything for covered health care.

Additionally, Humana has a variety of services to support our members to stay healthy and meet their goals. Some of these resources include:

1. Go365: join Go365 to get rewarded for completing preventive care or exercise activities.

2. SilverSneakers Fitness Program: choose from over 14,000 locations to meet your fitness needs. Get equipment, take classes, and take part in outdoor activities.

3. Humana Well Dine: take away the stress of eating well by getting meals delivered straight to your door.

4. Humana community centers: get involved with other members in your area at one of our community centers. Join a walking group, talk to friends, or get tips for living a healthy life.

When you are part of Humana, you are part of a team. Get access to the affordable care you need. Call us today for a free plan comparison!